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1/ Please offer 2 rakah nafil salah and give sadaqah. Ask Allah to forgive you and make this treatment a source of healing and connecting with HIM swt.
2/ Please do not bring any treatment items with you unless you want items to be blessed with Quran.
3/ Please do not bring kids unless they need treatment.
4/ Get your self registered by filling up the questionnaire under “New Client” section.
5/ Please park where it is allowed not to disturb the neighbours at any cost.
6/ Please make arrangements for your own food. No eating arrangements inside the premises.
7/ You are required to pay 50% of fee through Paypal i.e.$100 USD to email: or pay to the person coordinating the campaign for you.The remaining $100 can be paid in cash at the time of treatment.This fee only covers our costs for rental place, commute, food, hotel, supplies etc. We don’t charge anything for us.
8/ Make sure you get your treatment supplies. It should include:
a) 3 Quran edible ink sheets, b) olive oil, c) senna leaves, d) incense e) symbolic verses sheet or Transliteration sheet f) Treatment form
9/ Address for the location is going to be provided later Insha Allah
10/ Follow the 12 day treatment instructions under “Treatment”
11/ Please bring your own pillow and sheet.

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