We are still taking increased precautions with disinfection protocols to ensure we can continue to provide a safe and comfortable environment for everyone.We ask that high risk patients such as those with pre-existing long-term medical conditions (such as respiratory issues, heart/lung disease), patients over the age 70 and anybody experiencing symptoms such as fever or cough (however mild) not to come in to clinic until further notice to ensure their safety and not risking the health of others. Please notify us for any cancellation asap.NEED RUQYA HELP! INSHA ALLAH WE ARE READY TO TRAVEL TO ANY COUNTRY/CITY IN THE WORLD ONCE PANDEMIC IS OVER . Do you have blockages in life? To find out pls fill the Questionnaire & Book appointment under "Appointment" For further info pls contact at 416 388 5036 Email:info@ruqya.ca.BOOK APPOINTMENT FOR SUNNAH HIJAMA DAYS Aug 26,28 & 31. ......

Black Magic

“… but the devils did become infidels, teaching people magic” (Quran 2:102)

Jinn Possession

“And I (Allaah) created not the jinns and humans, except they should worship Me (Alone).” [al-Dhaariyaat 51:56]

Evil Eye

“Seek refuge with Allah from the evil eye, for the evil eye is real.” [Muslim]

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