What to read


READ 11 TIMES AND BLOW ON THE WATER, INCENSE and OIL (or other creams you use)
Whatever symbolic verses you are going to get to read after your diagnosis is completed.

Read 100 times : [ La ilaha illa Allahu wahdahu la sharika lahu, lahul mulku wa lahul hamdu wa huwa ‘ala qulli shay’in qadir ] and after every salaah read Ayatul Kursi.

Read all 3 times : [Bimillahi ladzi laa yaduru ma’asmihi shay-un fil ardi wa laa fis-samaa-i wa huwas sami’ul ‘alim] and [A’udzu bikalimaatillahi taamat min sharri maa khalaqa] and Aytal kursi, Surah Ikhlass, Surah Falaq and Surah Naas.

Aytal Kursi, 3 Quls 3 times each.

5 Compulsory Bismillah to keep the Jinns/Shayateen away (if you know the Prophetic duas it is even better)
1/ Say Bismillah when you eat or drink anything
2/ Say Bismillah when you step out of the house or enter
3/ Say Bismillah when you change your clothes
4/ Say Bismillah when you sleep with your spouse
5/ Say Bismillah when you enter the washroom

If you are not doing your 5 daily prayers then better start now. You need to connect with Allah while you are seeking help from his book (Quran)
Do a lot of istaghfar/tauba/repentance to Allah and do the following supplication 100 times a day
a) astaghfirullah rabi min kulli zanbin wa atoobu alaik
b) astaghfirullah hal lazi la ilaha ila howa al hayyul qayyumo wa atoobo ilaih
13/ Remember it is only Allah who can cure you not us. Connect with Allah and do lots of Adhkar. Zikr of Allah will open up your heart Insha Allah
a) Subhan Allahi wal hamdo lillahi wala illa ha illallaho wal laho akber
b) Durood shareef short or long