How does it work

There are two persons: one listens and does not talk except when help in needed. When you listen to the person never judge or comment or compliment, we shouldn’t say “it is good” or “it’s not good what you did” we do not go into a discussion: what interests us, is to locate the pain, the sentence expresses the pain and to make him repeat the phrase until the pain is over and that’s it. And even after psychotherapy we must not discuss the events we talked about with the patient. We leave that aside, it’s over and you forget everything.

It’s always a good thing to do the psychotherapy. Don’t worry if you see the person crying; just prepare a box of tissues.

Generally, we do the psychotherapy after the roqya and the explanation of the treatment. Sometimes you’re going to give psychotherapy after the first treatment because the person has too much problem of black magic and it will disrupt psychotherapy. In this case it can not work on problems of black magic. For example, someone has a black magic made with the cemetery and it makes it sad. By psychotherapy we will not find the cause of his sadness because it is not the events he has experienced, it is black magic. You should also know that psychotherapy is not to solve the problems of the present: for example, if someone was fired from his job so he is depressed, it will not work by psychotherapy because he has a real problem, he needs to find work, a solution to their situation.

So psychotherapy is to remove the effects of past suffering. We recall everything, we draw lessons, in any case we will no longer suffer the trauma of these past sufferings. For all those working in the roqya should do the psychotherapy, it will make you stronger to face all situations particularly in relation to black magic and djinns.
May Allah help us.