Eaten Sorcery

There is no need to recite for the patient or to bath with Koranic water; the treatment consists of drinking herbal tea for a number of days. We use Sana Makki (from Mecca) which is also called Sana Haram (from the Holy land). Scientific name is Ammoniac Gum. In different places it is called differently:

In Mauritania (Africa) it is called “Garagar” in Soninke language,
“Sorey” in Zarma language (Niger, Africa),
“Bali Bali” in Bambara (Senegal and other West African countries),
“Laydoor” in Woloff (Senegal, The Gambia, and Mauritania) ,and, finally,
Senna leaves in French or English speaking countries.

It is a medical plant causing diarrhea and used to cure patients who have eaten something harmful or for a slimming diet. Eaten sorcery is a few drops put in food or beverage and it has no taste. It stays in the stomach or intestine and remains there attached like glue, no matter how much time has passed. It may wear out after thirty year period. The Sana makki empties the stomach, and because it contains Koran it attacks sorcery and causes stomach pain. In some cases of eaten sorcery, instead of putting drops in the food, the sorcerer would dip a piece of meat or a fruit/vegetable in sorcery, and then arrange for the victim to eat it. We may also add some Sidr (jujube tree) to the herbal tea so it attacks the fruit/vegetable and eliminate its effect.

Instructions for use: first of all, buy the herbs. In all countries with desert, these herbs are well known. In France, you will find them in Arab herbalists shops, mostly imported from Morocco. In sub-Saharian countries, it is imported from countries connected to desert like Mali or Niger. Ground Sana Makki and Sidr dried leaves until leaves are turnted into small pieces, but not in powder. Put two grounded Sana Makki spoonfuls in a pan with one Sidr teaspoon, add 1.5l water (one bottle), stir with a spoon reading seven time verses 117-122 of Surat A’raf, 81-82 of Surat Yunus and 68-70 of Surat Ta-Ha. Below you will find the verses in phonetics for those who cannot read Arabic:

Wa awhayna ila musa an alqi casaka fa’iza hiya talaqqafu ma ya’fikoon. Fawaqaca al-haqqu wa batala ma kanu yacmaloon. Faghuliboo hunalika wanqalaboo saghireen. Wa ‘ulqiya as-saharatu sajideen. Qaloo ‘amanna birabbi l-calameen. Rabbi musa wa haroon.

Falamma alqaw qala moosa ma ji’tum bihi s-sihr. Inna Allaha sayubtiluhu, inna Allaha la yuslihu camala al-mufsideen. Wa yuhiqqu Allahu l-haqqa bikalimatihi wa law kariha al-mujrimoon.

Qulna la takhaf, innaka anta al-acla. Wa alqi ma fee yameenika talaqqaf ma sanacoo. Innama sanacoo kaydu sahirin wa la yuflihu s-sahiru haythu ata. Fa’ulqiya as-saharatu sujjadan qaloo amanna birabbi haroona wa moosa.

The mixture is put back in the bottle (unless drunk on the spot), and kept in the fridge because the mixture cannot be kept long (some days in the fridge, longer in the freezer). Then the patient drinks the bottle over two days on an empty stomach. The first morning, he pours half the bottle in a pan, heats it up for about fifteen minutes on medium heat, lets it cool a little, then drinks without adding anything and without filtering it, the leaves fall to the bottom of the pan. It is better after that not to eat for twenty minutes. He does the same the next morning and the following days. The infusion will give him a diarrhea that will to entirely empty his stomach. There will be some pain during treatment, proportionally to sorcery eaten, but do not worry; it cannot harm your body, it will only remove the sorcery. The diarrhea usually starts 3 to 5 hours after the Sana makki is taken, and varies in intensity depending on an individual. It is better to avoid drinking it if one works and cannot easily go to the restroom. Generally, the Sana’s effect reduces day after day.

When sorcery and/or jinn present in the body, the patient can feel various discomforts during treatment, because all that is being removed. The number of times the infusion has to be taken varies with the kind of sorcery that was consumed, and how many times the patient had eaten it. The criteria are: as long as there are stomach pains/cramps present during treatment, and other discomforts in the body, sorcery is still there. If there is no more sorcery, the only infusion’s effect will be diarrhea. If the infusion’s effect is unbearable, the person can skip some days or take less: one bottle in three or four days instead of two, but he must continue until it has no effect. Notice there is another kind of sorcery in the stomach (see below) that can cause stomach pain and will not go away with the Sana. The person preparing the herbal tea can prepare many bottles at once: just multiply the plants’ quantity by the number of bottles and use a large container. In this case, you should try distributing herbal infusion evenly to all the bottles. However if you have bottles of water prepared with the Koran recitation as above mentioned, you can directly mix the plant with that water in the same quantities, and you do not need to recite on it. This way the patient can go home with water bottles and a bag of herbs and mix whatever they need to drink. When patient is a child or a light weighted person, you should decrease the quantity according to his weight. Many pregnant women have taken the infusion; it does not create any problem by Allah’s mercy. Concerning the breastfeeding women, it is advised to go ahead with the treatment as the baby will have sorcery removed too by drinking milk that contains herbal infusion (as it will pass to the breastmilk).

It is possible for the baby to be bewitched in mother’s womb and breastfeeding will remove sorcery, instead having the baby to undergo the treatment. Some people with fragile stomach fear to take Sana makki. Sorcery in the stomach is perceived as a foreign body and the stomach attacks it through its natural defenses. However our body cannot remove it naturally and it keep irritating the stomach and intestine causing internal wounds, cramps, ulcers, bleeding and vomiting. When senna infusion removes the sorcery, in addition to the pain of removing sorcery, the pain is increased due to intestine wall being sensitive, the person may experience bleeding. But there is no other way: when there will be no sorcery left, everything will come back to normal because stomach and intestine will heal.