Propose to leave

Whatever may be the results of the previous steps, you must ask the jinn to leave. If he is attached to sorcery, he might be afraid of the sorcerer. Teach him some prayers for his protection; for example: “la ilaha illa Allah, Allahu akbar, Allah is stronger than the sorcerer”. If you know strong Muslim jinn groups, you can tell him to stay with them in order to be protected by the group. For instance, the jinn can join a group travelling to Mecca. But what you must essentially do is to find the sorcery to which he is linked and destroy it. As long as a jinn is linked to sorcery it is normal for him not to be able to leave. You could always ask him if he can remove the sorcery himself. That works when he was the one who delivered and applied the spell. Just try. When he cannot leave because of the sorcery, ask him to be Muslim, to practice the prayer and pray Allah to release him from this body and to cure the patient. You could tell him that during the treatment or the reading of Koran, the effect of the sorcery will lower, and he must look for a breach and do his best to escape. When we read the Koran, the jinn is being burned and in the result becomes extremely small. In this form it is more possible for him to leave the body. So we inform him that we will “help him” leave by reading the Koran and attacking the spell, so he has to become very small and look for a breach to exit.

When it is a case of revenge, you must explain that the person did not mean to harm him and has suffered enough from the jinn’s revenge, and the revenge will not change or repair what he lost. You must make the jinn acknowledge that he is wrong to keep his revenge on. Moreover, you must explain that forgiveness is an important virtue; it releases the heart and gives access to paradise, if he believes in God. Then if he is a believer, you must use religious arguments: Islamic arguments if he is Muslim, and if he is Christian you explain that Jesus used to forgive people, he liked people showing forgiveness and hated people having revenge. In order to be with him in the Paradise, people must also show forgiveness. If the jinn refuses and we read the Koran so that he leaves, he will leave insha’Allah next time because he will see that the pain he feels with Koran is superior to the first pain when the person hurt him. If the jinn still suffers, read on him prayers for healing, such as: “as’alu llaha l-cadheema rabbal carshi l-adheemi an yashfeeka” seven times.

When the jinn is in love, it is almost impossible to convince him to leave, nevertheless you must try. Would he accept a forced marriage? Neither will the person accept it. Also marriage between different species cannot work, and is also condemned by the religion because Allah said: “And from everything we have been created two elements of couple” (51/49). If the jinn accepts Islam, it will be easier for him to accept to leave but still difficult. It only happened once that a jinniya accepted to leave a man. This brother had many sorceries. Furthermore, this jinniya was in love with him. She was not in his body but beside him; she was speaking in his mind and he could repeat her words. We then had discussions together: I speak to the jinniya, she answers to him and he repeats to me. As he had sorceries, it was not appropriate to ask her to leave him; a jinn, even not attached to sorcery can take refuge behind it when we attack him with Koran, and the spell can prevent him from leaving even when he is not directly linked to it. Moreover, the sorcery helps him to recover his strength after the reading.

As it was not possible to have her leave, I did not mention that and we just had a friendly chat. She accepted Islam without problem and accepted to pray, she was happy to enter religion that let her be close to God and stay with her beloved one. This is how you must let her advance in her faith before accepting to make sacrifice for Allah. So she was learning Islam. Then she gave us the information about the sorceries the brother had. She also gave us information about other people’s spells. She also became our intermediary to have discussions with other jinns, and some of them got converted. Once, I was tired and told her: “Could you explain to your friend about Islam because I am tired”. In a few minutes the other jinniya converted to Islam. It seems that jinns transmit information to each other like we copy a computer disk: all the arguments she received from me and everything she learned about Islam, she transmitted it in a few seconds. We had the case of one person who had many jinns being converted; as soon as new jinn came, he immediately converted since he could find the record of all the previous discussions. Then came the day this brother had no more sorceries and it was the jinniya’s turn to be removed. It coincided – by the will of Allah- with the fact that he converted a French woman to Islam and brought her to get married with her. The French woman did not know about the jinniya and sorcery problems.

I celebrated the marriage and called the brother alone in a room. I asked the jinniya what she thought of this marriage, she said it was good for him and sad for her. “What do you think of his wife?” “She sincerely converted to Islam and they make a lovely couple”, “But if you try to interfere between them, it will perturb her and negatively affect her faith, do not you think so?” “Yes, you are right”. «So, I ask you in the name of Allah to leave him. Look at the blessings Allah gave you: you are Muslim, you progressed so much, thanks to you many people are cured and many jinns converted to Islam. So do not spoil your deeds and do not leave Allah for your passion. You must leave him for Allah. In the name of Allah! Your reward will be tremendous!” She wept a lot then screamed: “For Allah, I will do it!” Happily, he was the only one to hear her scream. Then I said: “So, now you can stay beside him to help us treat the patients and lead jinns to conversion, but if it is too hard for you, you can leave him definitely”. “I will see” she said. Some days later, she had left him. You see that in this case, there were many circumstances that led the jinniya to leave by herself. Except this case, I have never seen jinns in love leave freely, so I hardly ask them to do it. I can only seek information on sorcery and try converting them to Islam, without showing them that we want to separate them from the victim. In this way I can get the maximum benefits before chasing them away.

Today we have by the will of Allah a new technique with lover jinns. Read on them this verse: “Amongst His signs He has created for you from yourselves spouses so that you find serenity with them, and He has made between you love and mercy. In this there are signs for people who think” (surat 30 verse 21), in Arabic: “wa min ayatihi an khalaqa lakum min anfusikum azwajan litaskunoo ilayha wa jacala baynakum mawaddatan wa rahma. Inna fee zalika la’ayatin liqawmin yatafakkaroon”. Allah will show them how marriage with a different species is impossible and will give them a spouse (wife or husband) from their specie that they will love insha’Allah.

When jinns simply want a home, we just ask them to leave because they are disturbing the person, even if no harm is intended. They do not have the right to be in the person without their agreement; the proof is that the Koran burns them even when they are Muslims. These jinns are generally the easiest to rid of. If they ask where can they go and where they can eat, recite: “And of everything We have the treasures, and We only deliver it in determined quantity” (surat 15 verse 21), in Arabic: “wa in min shay’in illa cindana khaza’inuhu wa ma nunazziluhu illa biqadarin macloom”. Insha’Allah, Allah will bless them with gifts so that they will forget the material advantages of being attached to the victim.

And if the jinn says he is strong and challenges you, recite: “His action when He wants something, is to say: “Be” and it is” (surat 36 verse 82), “innama amruhu iza arada shay’an an yaqoola lahu kun fayakoon”; insha’Allah, Allah will show him a glimpse of His power and he will surrender. And if the jinn says he does not know Islam, repeat many times: “Allah is the light of skies and earth” (Surat 24 verse 35), “Allahu nooru ssamawati wal-ard”, insha’Allah, Allah will enlighten his heart and he will accept Islam.

It sometimes happens that the jinn would give you conditions to leave the body. They can be of all kinds, more or less important, sincere or false. You must negotiate like you would negotiate with a human being, knowing that we can refuse his conditions and force him to go out under our conditions, but it is easier to find an agreement.

Sometimes the jinn will ask for a place to go to or refuses to leave as they do not like to be forced out. It is a bit like you would chase a dog away from you– with all due respect to jinns.

A jinniya said once: “Oh no! I cannot accept to be chased out like a bad person!” I said: “So dear lady, would you have the extreme kindness to leave this place? That will really be a pleasure for us”. She said: “All right, if it is this way I accept!” and she left. Isn’t it better than using a force?

Jinns sometimes say they will leave in three or four or a certain number of days. That means that he doesn’t want to cooperate, he will resist leaving the body. We explain to him that we have well understood his intentions, but that it is better for him to go without suffering and not worsen his position with Allah. If he persists, you must read Koran without any compassion and ask the patient to bath with Koranic water.

It happens that jinns ask for accessible things, like one who was asking the person to do forty alms (sadaqas) or equivalent during the time of the treatment for him to go out. The reasons of these conditions are difficult to understand, but there is no harm in trying. Sometimes jinns ask extravagant or forbidden conditions, such as to slaughter an animal for another name than Allah; you must not accept these conditions and impose them to leave or endure the reading.

In summary, the conditions that jinns set should be dealt with like conditions coming from humans. It happens that the jinn wants to reveal things before leaving, it happens often when jinn accepts Islam and accepts to leave, but tries to stay a little longer to reveal other sorcery problems in the family. Once again, everything he says must not be taken literally and must be checked, although it can be useful. In these cases, it is better to be patient and wait until he finishes all his revelations and then ask him to leave again. If the jinn agrees to go, you must give him the last instructions: he must go out by the big toe, and go live with Muslims, at Mecca for example, he must practice the five prayers and give daawa to other jinns… You can recommend him any good deeds you want.