The Invocations

There are also invocations against witchcraft, jinns and evil eyes. In fact, all invocations serve this purpose and give you a spiritual force that will be a shelter against attacks. Just make intention before all your invocations and as well as before reading the Koran to be protected against spells, jinns or evil eye. Ask Allah to protect your, family and belongings, and to send evil back to its senders.

First you should read three times after subh and Maghrib and before sleeping, the three last surats, since the Prophet, blessing and peace be upon him, said: “This will be enough against everything”. Below I have provided phonetics for those who cannot read in Arabic.

Qul huwa Allahu ahad. Allahu ssamad. Lam yalid wa lam yoolad wa lam yakun lahu kufu’an ahad.

Qul acoozu birabbil falaq. Min sharri ma halaq. Wa min sharri ghasiqin iza waqab. Wa min sharri nnaffathati fil cuqad. Wa min sharri hasidin iza hasad

Qul acoozu birabbi nnas. Maliki nnas. Ilahi nnas. Min sharril waswasil khannas. Allazee yuwaswisu fee sudoori nnas. Minal jinnati wannas.

You should also read the following three times after subh and maghrib:

Bismillahi llazee la yadurru maca ismihi shay’un fil ardi wa la fissama’i wahuwa ssameecul caleem, meaning: “By the name of Allah, with His name nothing on earth or in sky can be harmful, and He is the audient and sighted person”, because the Prophet, blessing and peace be upon him said: “Nothing will harm him”. Say also three times after subh and Maghrib: acoozu bikalimati llahi ttammati min sharri ma khalaq”, meaning: “I seek protection by the complete words of Allah against all evil He has created”.

If you want more protection or you feel exposed, I propose to read seven times the verse of the Throne after each compulsory prayer; it is a sufficient protection against most spells and jinns. Do not forget the precaution measures previously mentioned. I recommend the Throne verse to patients who just finished a treatment against sorcery, in case there is a succession of spells or a repetition. I also recommend it to anyone passing through an uncertain period such as travel, marriage etc… People practicing roqya must respect regular and powerful zikr, and add the intention to protect and treat themselves every time they read for others. Do not forget to take showers with Koran, even if you do not have symptoms, as a preventive measure, during all your life and all the time you treat people. People treating occasionally the others can recite the verse of the Throne seven times after each prayer, during three days after treating someone.