Symptoms of Evil Eye/Nazar

Symptoms of evil eye

1. The color of your face will change (eg. Dark or dull)

2. Difficult to sleep at night, sleepy in day timing!

3. Sweat from front head, hand, feet and back

4. You will feel enough, Anxiety, fed up, bored, lazy, hopeless careless and SUICIDAL

5. Visit Toilet alot.

More about evil eye

In order to differentiate between calamities that result from an evil eye and others, we should know the symptoms of the effect of evil eye. Usually, an evil eye causes symptoms that can not be treated by medically, like joints diseases, laziness, insomnia, ulcers that appear on the skin and aversion to home, university, family and society. In addition, there may be some psychological and neurological diseases. Envied people are usually pale, angry, depressed, having ailments, sighing and forgetfulness and feel heavy headache and feel that their shoulders are heavy. They also feel that their limbs are stinging, their bodies are hot and their limbs are normal.