For the purpose of prevention you must be careful with the food you eat, mainly when it is served individually and a host insists strangely that you eat. Beware people who want to borrow your clothes, your photo, or your writing and who give you unusual gifts. Stay discreet concerning gifts and blessing Allah gave you, so you do not draw people’s envy. If you know a sorcerer, you must be extremely courteous with him and avoid challenging him; the Prophet, blessing and peace be upon him, said: “The worst people are those who are respected for the harm they can cause”. When the sorcerer is in your close relations, you must absolutely break off the relationship with him, even if you have to split up a couple, family or business relationship, or move to another place. When you meet people you suspect of witchcraft and they ask your news, show you are miserable and unlucky rather than seeming strong or wealthy, so they will think their work is efficient and they will leave you alone.

To protect yourself from jinns you must say “Bismillah” in the following cases: when you are entering or exiting, eating, entering the toilets, getting undressed, and before sexual relations. In all these five moments there are prophetic prayers one should learn but at least say “Bismillah”. You must also mention Allah at three moments: anger, sadness (on deceptions or sad events) and fear. Say also “Bismillah” when passing by sewers or sewage, when throwing hot water or any things. What is more important than all this is avoiding sins and sin places, because that is like inviting wicked jinns to you, especially sexual sins, alcohol and drugs, not mentioning sorcery itself.

To avoid the evil eye, it is necessary to mention the name of Allah every time we appreciate something: ma sha Allah, tabarak Allah, etc. You must also say it for others when they omit it. For your protection you must read once the three last surats in your hands and pass hands on your body before going out of home. Do it also for your children; babies have often the evil eye. Of course you must not expose your achievements, your beauty or your children in front of people, mainly before people likely to be jealous and likely to do bad things.

Be on your guard during wedding ceremonies: there are people who just look for weddings to spoil them; we will always find one or two in marriages gathering a lot of people. Try as much as possible to have an intimate marriage: close friends and the family.

To avoid having non Muslim jinns living in your house, you and your children must regularly say “Bismillah” when entering your home or eating. You must not stay in major impurity in the house. You must not have images or statues of humans or animals exposed if you can see their eyes. The look is what determines if an image or an object can be a jinn’s host; that makes them an entrance for jinns. I will not talk about the legal side of the question, leaving that for scholars to discuss. Every image or object even on a pot or a wallpaper, with eyes open and visible, so that we can feel life through it, are possible places for jinns and free access for them to the house. There is no difference between hand drawn images and photographs. You just have to hide the eyes of the image to prevent jinns from accessing it: with tippex (white corrector), by tearing out eyes of teddy bears or by any other way. Images in books not regularly used, everything that is not permanently exposed cannot be jinn’s hosts. Food not well covered at night is for jinns an attraction into the house. Finally, places rarely visited like granary, closet or disused places, are favorite places of jinn’s, since they do not like to be disturbed by human activities.