INSTRUCTIONS before you come
(Please Read)

2) Wait for our response as we are going to contact you in case we diagnose you with symptoms.
3) You are required to call us at 416-388-5036 to confirm your appointment. We do not entertain any email/text confirmations.
4) You don’t need to bring anything with you we are going to provide you with all the treatment items.
5) Sisters should be accompanied by a Mahram.
6) Please make sure you are on time
7) In case you need to re-schedule the appointment give us 24 hour notice otherwise cancellation fee of $50 is required.
8) Expect more patients to be treated with you but you will have privacy during diagnosis, Hijama and psychotherapy(if required).
9) For private sessions please contact the centre.
10) Those having history of Jinn possession MUST inform the centre before coming to make prior arrangements.Expect more charges if more time is spent on your case.
11) Bring in all the amulets/taweez strings anything that you got from previous healer or anywhere else.
12) No kids are allowed unless there is seher on them and they need treatment.
13) If you are not doing your 5 daily prayers then better start before you come. You need to connect with Allah while you are seeking help from his book (Quran)
14) Do a lot of istaghfar/tauba/repentance to Allah and do the following supplication 100 times a day
a) astaghfirullah rabi min kulli zanbin wa atoobu alaik
b) astaghfirullah hal lazi la ilaha ila howa al hayyul qayyumo wa atoobo ilaih
15) Remember it is only Allah who can cure you not us. Connect with Allah and do lots of Adhkar. Zikr of Allah will open up your heart Insha Allah
a) Subhan Allahi wal hamdo lillahi wala illa ha illallaho wal laho akber
b) Durood shareef short or long