Purpose of Presence

The most important thing to know is why the jinn has possessed one’s body. When you can ask him: “What are you doing here?” often he will not answer, since his strength comes from the fact he is invisible and hidden to us. The more they are discovered, the more we know about them and the more they are weakened. Thus, they are sometimes suspicious and fear that we use information received against them. You must continue to ask question in order to have him answer. We can say: “Have you been sent by sorcery? Did people force you to come?”; “Did the sender hurt you? Does he deserve a punishment?”; “Do you love your host? Do you want to be alone with him/her?” You must ask the questions until you have answers. Maybe the jinn will lie, but it will not be difficult to know it. The jinn always lies for a reason. For example, in order to have you stop reading Koran, he will promise to leave or become Muslim. In this case, you must not harass him but rather ask the purpose of his presence. To verify if the jinn lies you can ask questions that crosscheck what he said and lead him to a contradiction if he lied. You can also ask quick questions in order to bring him to answer spontaneously without thinking and inventing an answer. You must know that jinns aren’t good at lies so it is easy to catch them. Once, I asked a jinniya what she was doing in a patient, she said: “For her protection, yeah!” with a mocking look. I immediately asked her: “Are you mocking me?” She said: “Yes” and burst out laughing. By asking a quick and direct question, we do not let the jinn time to improvise and he betrays himself. Another time, I asked a woman during recitation (she was entirely possessed): “Is it you Fatiha?” She said: “Yes, it’s her!” In fact the jinn just wanted for the reading to stop, but was not clever enough to say: “Yes, it’s me”. I told him: “If it is her, then who are you?” The jinn stayed silent.

To confirm the reason of his presence, you can ask him: “How did it happen? Where was it? When did it happen? What kind of sorcery (if it is sorcery) is it?” then decide on whether the answers are reasonable.. Anyway, we are not obliged to trust the jinns as they can say lies just like the humans. The aim is to have a solution, as we will see in the following part. All of the information is put together to come up with a diagnosis: if the jinn say the sorcery was eaten and we think a symbol was hidden at a cemetery, we just have to treat both.

However, jinns sometimes fear us because they know that they will be burned. You must reassure them by saying: “Do not be afraid, I do not want to harm you. I just want to undo the spell so that you will be free and the person will be cured. I just want you to help me to destroy the spell”. We can also say “I just want we agree to solve the problem together and everybody will be free rather than fighting for nothing”.

It can happen that the jinn refuses to speak even if he has the ability. Too bad! You just apply the treatment. However, you can also meet really chatty jinns; they will speak hours and hours as long as you are willing to listen. The healer must control the situation and know that the jinn is speaking uselessly so he must interrupt him by explaining: “We just want to treat him. We just want to know what is necessary in order to treat him”. When there are other important information such as other people affected in the family, take the time to listen to that and stop him when the discussion turns to chat.