Jinn in the Nervous System

When jinn is placed in a person’s brain the following may happen: victim’s and jinn’s personalities almost merge into one, or jinn is able to influence the thoughts, or jinn completely possesses the person. You need to release this jinn from a human brain before reciting the Koran.

You take a sharp tool, a potato peeler for example, hold the person’s head, recite Fatiha once, the verse of the Throne and the last three surats, then you heat the edge of the blade with a lighter, and you give little strokes from the nape up to the middle of the forehead and from one temple to the other one via the top of the head (only once from back to forehead and from the right to the left).

The person should feel slight heat; if no heat is felt anymore, you need to re-heat the blade again and continue. This method is very efficient to remove the jinn because he feels the burning more than the person does and he is easier reached by the recitation. It is also very efficient to put a suction pot to detach and weaken the jinn. Place suction on the nape, on the spinal cord of the nape to be precise which is at the base of the nape. You can also put two between both ears at the back and top of the head; this is very efficient method but requires shaving the hair completely.

If the jinn is in another place of the body it is also efficient to put the suction pot on that area, also put your hand near to it during recitation. The jinn may have two settling points and moves from one to the other; you then need to put a suction pot on both. If the jinn is everywhere in the body, do not hesitate: put suction pots everywhere.