The General Method

Koran recitation burns the jinn. Burning does not mean the same for the jinn as for humans because they are made of fire: when they burn they reduce in volume, lose strength and suffer a lot. To kill them, you need to consume them in “fire” completely. We may not know when the jinn is finished in the result of roqya. He may become weak until losing all effects but still remain present. He can recover his strength if the person does little zikr and commits sins. The jinn resists leaving until his pain becomes greater than his wish to stay. This depends on jinn’s strength, the reason of his presence and his power on the person. He may stay until he dies.

Recitation and bathing are effective in removing the jinn: you recite holding the person; he bathes for 12 days; if the jinn is still there or as a precaution you recite some more and the person bathes again. If the person feels the jinn in one part of his body, you recite holding this very part, tapping and massaging from head to toes. Normally, the feeling should move to the bottom following nerves: from head to neck, along the spinal cord down to the kidneys, then around the hips and along the leg seen on profile till the ankle and the feet plant to the big toe. Just follow the feeling of the patient massaging and tapping all the body long.

Unfortunately, there are several cases where recitation and bathing are not sufficient. First of all when the jinn is located in a precise place of the body (often the head when having headaches or obsessing thoughts or in the chest when feeling pressed and suffocation or in the intimate part when it is a sexual issue): you should start by putting one (or more) suction pots at this place. This detaches the jinn from the place he is and he can easily slide to feet until he leaves. He can also exit from other places such as the mouth when he is close to it: the person feels like vomiting. Other cases where only recitation is not enough are described below.