Treatment Results

When sorcery and jinns are gone, all symptoms must go, except some physical effects that will go away gradually or require a medical treatment (wounds, hair loss, weight loss, etc.). If some symptoms are gone and some remain, it means that some of the problems are gone and some remain. In case of multiple sorceries, it is normal that not all of them go at once, only some of them may have been treated. The jinns will generally leave only after the sorcery is gone, but if there are many jinns they should also leaves gradually.

What if after the treatment you do not see any improvement or change? It might not be a problem of jinns or sorcery at all; maybe the person does not apply correctly the treatment or he might have noticed some changes but not the ones he expects. If there are no changes, repeat the treatment, try new ways and ask the person to pray a lot and to beg Allah’s help. He should be attentive to his dreams since in sorcery, dreams are almost always significant and reflect the person’s problems. If after a second treatment there is still no more improvement in the condition, direct the person towards a colleague more experienced in this kind of situations.