Know more about the Jinn

It is not a matter of curiosity that you will ask jinn’s name, sex, age, religion and how long he has been there. It is only to prepare for the following steps. Jinns feel strong and arrogant when people do not know them properly and therefore fear them. When you get him to reveal his identity, he puts aside his arrogance and opens himself to you. In the previous step, comforting him, advising of our good intentions intentions and asking for his help concerning the host’s sorcery, let the jinn to develop kindness and trust towards us. Because of his state of mind the jinn is already predisposed to accept our preaching.

You must also ask him how he enters the person’s body, his precise location and his effect on the patient. All these help you to verify the truth of his words, but are also precious information to rid of in case the negotiation will not succeed. Use cupping glasses on the areas of the body the jinn resides and on his entry points.