Stepped On Sorcery

Place a hijama cup at the bottom of the leg, just above the ankle, where there is enough flesh to attach. Then hold the foot and recite. You should also put a small bottle of Habba Sawda in front of you while reciting the Koran, after each bathing with the Koran water, the patient will massage wounds, pimple, eczema, psoriasis and scars with Habba Sawda oil. The massage with Habba Sawda oil with the Koran is also prescribed for any skin problem due to sorcery, mainly loss of hair.

There is another use of Habba Sawda: when sexual intercourse is painful or difficult, the couple should humidify sexual organs with the Koran oil before having an intercourse (olive oil may also be used). If having sexual relation proves hard for the wife, she must try to focus on her desire in order not to reject her husband; the husband in return should be understanding, kind, and give wife the chance to nurture her desire for him. Notably, he must seek position which is most comfortable for the woman. Once more, you can prepare several bottles of Habba sawda at once.

The patient also takes two sidr bottles or more. This sorcery may be hard to remove because it physically impregnates the body and gets harder if it is old. So, we will probably have to renew the treatment and intensify it if needed as described below.