Jinn Confrontation

Before explaining what to say to jinns, let’s eliminate what we must not say. When we attack him by ordering him to go out of the patient and calling him an enemy of Allah or ordering him to become Muslim, he will be on the defensive, and will tell any kind of lies and strategies to hide himself. This approach is useless. That is why some people consider jinns as liars in their majority. If you want to be effective, you just have to read the Koran and burn him until he leaves the host without trying to talk to him. If the jinn does speak, it is an opportunity to improve the situation. In order to obtain a certain cooperation of the jinn, you must act carefully and reassuringly. You must try to understand the jinn’s point of view.

When he is sent with the spell, it is not his fault. The jinn could be good or bad. Most of the time he doesn’t want to be there, possibly he doesn’t even like his mission. Sometimes he is threatened to accomplish the mission or his family is taken hostage. It happens also that the jinn doesn’t understand what is happening, and knows nothing about witchcraft nor what he is doing in this body. Sometimes the jinn is bad and takes pleasure in his mission and does more than what is required.

In Africa particularly, jinns are nearly always professionals working willingly with sorcerers, and whenever a sorcerer dies they will find another to work with him or choose one themselves to train him. So you must not automatically take these jinns as enemies and rather try to have their participation to destroy the spell in order to free them. As for jinns who take revenge, you must know that they suffer a lot when they are hit by humans and they can even be handicapped and feel the pain for a long time. It is normal for them to take their revenge for many years, id addition they have nothing else to do, and they get accommodation and food through their victim.

I will further explain insha’Allah how to communicate with them. I just state that we must not take them as guilty, but understand them to handle them. As for jinns in love, we must understand that in their world, when they are in love, they stay together and form a couple without procedure or witnesses; the jinn thinks he can do the same with human beings and sees nothing wrong in what he is doing. He will even consider the spouse or the future spouse of the host as an illegal rival. As for jinns just looking for a host, they generally do not harm the person.