Psychological Problems

The jinn may be responsible for psychological disorder in a patient. You should first solve the psychological problem, but you can still weaken the jinn with the recitation, bathing, suction pot and cauterization –pricking), in order to drastically reduce its effect. It is also possible to try and kill the jinn with the method in the next paragraph, but it is not easy and likely to be painful for the patient.

I cannot explain in this book how to solve psychological problems because this is an independent science, but I will try to give a quick explanation. Let us say that the brain records human experiences: images, sounds, smells, impressions, etc, in a chemical, electrical and magnetic form. All is recorded because we sometimes remember things we have forgotten since a long time, and then something can trigger for all memories to come back. If we ever been somewhere, and then all of a sudden, the brain was able to reproduce images and find back many details. All this information is in a very complex filing system, and one clue can lead you to another clue or situation, etc. Then, in order to “think”, the brain calls on its knowledge, analyses and gives the optimal answer. When the person is under a shock: experiencing physical or emotional pain; the brain records this incident in some very intense form let us say an electrical or electromagnetic. A kind of short circuit results from it, “a bug”, like a knot in the network. The behavior of the person is affected: this incident becomes synonym of pain and the person tries to flee it and avoid it. Each detail of the incident becomes synonym of pain and the person faces it with difficulties. For example, someone bit by a dog will fear dogs, after an accident someone will not bear speed or height, a women being raped will have difficulties for sexual relations or all relations with men. We could say that a load linked to pain affects the electrical isolation of the network, and instead of establishing logical causes to the pain, the brain confuses all data linked to the incident and gives back the same conclusion: danger, fear, escape or other existing behavior in the incident. But this mental world I am talking about is the world of jinns, I am not saying that we can measure the jinns in electrical load and in magnetic force (we might one day), but the jinns for example whispering to humans or eating with them have a real existence and a real effect on us; this parallel world sticks to us. Thus, having a “load” in one’s “mental electric chemical and magnetic network” can retain a jinn by a depression mechanism. Actually we even found that having theses “loads” commonly called “psychological problems” or “weak character” is what allows the jinn and the sorcery to have a power on the person and act on him.

This is why the more a person is “psychologically strong”, which means he has control on himself, on the environment and overcomes difficulties of life with serenity, the less he will be affected by the sorcery and the jinn, and vice versa.

There is a natural and simple solution to erase these loads: get your patient to narrate the event that made him suffer, eyes closed, imagining and living once more the whole incident, facing and going over the painful parts, until all the pain is evacuated and he feels nothing disturbing with the event and even looks at it positively. It is a well known fact that talking about your problems may relieve the pain, but only when it is done professionally.

How can you know your patient needs this? When you see that his suffering or disturbance is not necessarily a result of sorcery and jinns, ask them when it started. Then ask him if something happened at that time. If he tells about a difficult event such as a death, an aggression, a separation, a failure or any major painful event, you have a psychological problem – this does not exclude sorcery and jinn problems.

A second case is a patient suffering from jinn and sorcery problems but weakened by much suffering in his life and therefore cannot fight them. You will then alternate roqya and psychotherapy until he completely recovers from both. Moreover, I would like all healers to apply this technique on themselves – with the help of a second person – until they completely evacuate any suffering that occurred in their lives. That will give them mental strength and leave no weak points in facing sorcery and jinns. Finally, anyone can gain from this technique even if there are no obvious signs of psychological problems, because everyone has gone through painful experiences which must have had an effect on their mental/physiological state.

The person interviewing to the patient needs to monitor answers closely. First ask the patient if they recall an event that made them suffer. Then ask to close the eyes and to narrate the story. When they reach the painful part ask them to repeat the sentence describing the pain, repeat this continuously. The patient them will go through different physical sensations like headache, dizziness, tiredness, feeling sleepy and possibly physical pain; they will recall more detail concerning the incident and come to various realizations; they will come across many emotions such as fear, sadness, anger and annoyance until they reach positive emotions and might even laugh about it. When there are no more physical sensations felt, no new detail is recalled and positive emotions have come through, the pain is totally released from the patient. Ask them to continue their story related to the incident. Once the patient has finished their story stopping at each painful aspect and repeating until a complete relief, ask them to look back at the whole event and see if there is anything else left. When the patient tells you they do not have anything painful left to discuss ask them again to look back at the whole incident and repeat: “There is nothing painful left” until they are completely convinced. Then you can move on to another incident. You listen to this narration without any comment but only help them to tell the story completely by asking questions (always in present tense as if the person was experiencing it at present) on the incident in case you feel they omitted a part or do not express correctly their pain.

When several incidents cause the same pain, you will notice that when referring to the painful part, no new information is provided, the patient no longer sees the incident but the physical or emotional effects.

You must then ask if there was a previous similar event and refer to it; you will need to trace back to the chain of incidents to get more information. It also happens that the patient themselves, after discussing a number of painful events, will move on to another one wanting to discuss it too. Your work will become simpler and you just need to follow the patient. When the pain is released, the knot is undone and the patient will recover their rationality and the uncontrolled reactions caused by the past events will disappear.

Let me give you an example to help you start. I met a shy brother who was unable to express himself before strong personalities. I told him: “Your personality has been crushed in your childhood preventing you from expressing yourself”. He said: “That is exactly what happened”. I proposed the therapy and there we went. While sitting in front of me with his closed eyes, I asked him: “Tell me what happened”. He said: “it is my father…” and he started crying. I let him finish crying then I say: “Repeat: it is my father”. I made him repeat this fifty times until it had no more effect on him, then I said: “What did he do?” He said: “He chased me from home at seventeen”. “What did he tell you?” “He said we cannot have you at home any more, you must to leave”. “So repeat this sentence”, and there we go again and again. We went from one painful memory to another, and we had him repeat until it had no more effect on him, and after two sessions of one hour each, there was nothing more, his confidence came back, and no more painful memoirs were disturbing his mind.

Cases of jinns that got attached to a victim due to a psychological problem are rare, and rarely this becomes a major obstacle to the treatment. In most cases psychological problems exist and slower down the treatment, but we overcome them. When psychological problem is obvious, so that the effect on the person prevents him from healing, it is important to detect it in order to avoid mistake in the treatment, and to cure it as mentioned, especially with jinn lover. For example, when a girl was victim of sexual abuses and rejects intimacy with her spouse, jinns in love with her or sexually abusing her will take refuge during the treatment in the part of her mind so he cannot be confronted and eliminated. If this is your case, you must inform your healer and apply the psychological therapy to clear out your pain. Sometimes it happens that the patient mostly suffers from psychological troubles and the jinn slightly worsens the problem.

There is another kind of psychological problem due to drugs. When a person smokes cannabis, he is high; he goes in an imaginary world like a dream. A jinn may strike him at that moment and he will be stuck in his dream world, meaning he will not wake up from his delirium. They can talk and everything but they will be in this permanent state of half-consciousness. If the person does not stop cannabis, as far as I know his state will never improve. If they stop, a single treatment should be enough to remove the effect of the jinn who attacked him (you need to check about sorcery), then this person should gradually come back to reality.