Ruqya & Hijama
Campaign – Instructions

1) Please offer 2 rakah nafil salah and give sadaqah. Ask Allah to forgive you and make this treatment a source of healing and connecting with HIM swt.
2) Please do not bring any treatment items with you unless you want items to be blessed with Quran.
3) Please do not bring kids unless they need treatment.
4) Get your self registered by filling up the questionnaire under “New Client” section.
5) Please park where it is allowed not to disturb the neighbours at any cost.
6) Please make arrangements for your own food. No eating arrangements inside the premises.
7) You are required to pay 50% of fee through Paypal i.e.$100 USD to email: or pay to the person coordinating the campaign for you.The remaining $100 can be paid in cash at the time of treatment.This fee only covers our costs for rental place, commute, food, hotel, supplies etc. We don’t charge anything for us.
Make sure you get your treatment supplies. It should include:
a) 3
Quran edible ink sheets,b) olive oil,c) senna leaves,d) incensee) symbolic verses sheet or Transliteration sheetf) Treatment form
Address for the location is going to be provided later Insha Allah
Follow the 12 day treatment instructions under “Treatment”
Please bring your own pillow and sheet.