Follow up treatment

Follow-Up Treatment
Once the patient has completed their 12 day treatment they are required to approach us in case their symptoms have not fully disappeared. We must re-diagnose the patient and compare the previous diagnosis to see if it is the same Sihr or if the Sihr is new or if the Sihr was repeated. The procedure will be the same as before – Diagnose, Hijaama, Recitation, Psychotherapy and another 12 day treatment. If the Sihr is bad and repeated then the patient can do a morning and evening treatment. This means the patient will bath twice a day. The patient must also increase in A’maal and try even harder to come closer to Allah.

Patient must NEVER give up and think that their problem is too big to handle. We must see and search as to why the Sihr is still there. Remember that most people suffer for many years so their problem will not just leave in 12 days – especially if they have also being sinning a lot before. Patients are encouraged to fight the evil more than the Raaqi.

May Allah guide and help us all. Ameen