Resistant Jinn

Sometimes, a jinn is so strongly attached that it resists leaving its victim until death – this is especially common in love cases. The following technique applies: strike the patient’s feet. This method is up to now 100% efficient as long as the jinn is not linked to sorcery or linked to psychological problems. Nevertheless, you need to be able to execute this technique well:

The first issue is that the patient feels strikes more acutely than normal. The only case where he feels nothing is when he is totally possessed or when the jinn takes possession of his body during the treatment. Otherwise, the person feels the hitting as well as the jinn inside. The jinn will suffer more than him and transmit his emotions to its host. At a certain point, the jinn leaves his usual place – mostly the head – and starts migrating toward a foot and then leaves through toes. When he leaves the head, the person may feel light and relieved and says that the jinn is gone; actually he just left the head. When he reaches the feet, the jinn feels that hitting is blowing him off, so does the patient. It is rare that the patient bears this till the end; most of the time you will need to hold him. He might want you stop and get angry with people curing and holding him. When the person is fragile, they may be so shocked by the treatment that they refuse to undergo it again.

The more the person is fragile the softer you need to hit them, this still should be sufficient for roqya purposes.

The second issue is that you can make a mistake in the diagnosis: the jinn is linked to the sorcery and will not leave, no matter how hard you hit the patient’s feet. When you have spent sufficient time on the hitting exercise and the jinn is still present (although significantly weaken) then you may well suspect a sorcery.

We need to master the jinn and force him to leave; and if the jinn is linked to sorcery he may confess it when he cannot bare the pain, and this enables you to remove the sorcery and solve the situation.

You need to make sure that none of the attendees stay on the path of the jinn when he leaves; or else he may directly enter into them, especially if those people have weaknesses (psychological problems, poor iman level, etc). The best is not to have people present unnecessarily.

I very strongly oppose to hitting the face, and avoid any other part of the body but the sole of the feet.