Full Treatment Charges for US patients during a campaign ranges from $400 to $500 USD depending upon the amount of cost we need to incur on the air fare. Repeat session at any campiagn is $250 please inform the campaign coordinator in advance for all repeat sessions.

Full treatment – $400 (Patients having history of possession MUST inform the centre)

Diagnosis | Cupping/ Hijama | Ruqya | Mental training | Jinn removal | Psychotherapy

$200 within 12 days of first visit (does not include cupping) | Full charges apply after 12 days

Diagnosis is free

Ruqya Full Treatment with Hijama $275 | Jinn Removal/Possession cases start from $400 (not catching) 2 hour session / $50 extra per 30 min beyond 2 hour session | Group Family of 2 is $200 each, more than 2 is $175 |Psychotherapy $60 | Ruqya only $200

General Hijama $85 | Massage Hijama $40 Onwards |Head Hijama $150 onwards |Lymphatic Detox $150 |Knee Hijama $100/leg |

For large groups some discount is available please contact the centre

Is it permitted to fix a salary for the treatment?
Answer: The sahabas put the condition of being paid to make the roqya. Al-Bukhari reports the story of the chief of tribe bit by a scorpion: “I will not make you the roqya until you fix us a salary”. And they agreed on a group of sheep. Some muftis claim we can receive salary only after the person is cured. The matter is only depending on the terms of the contract. We do not engage ourselves that the person will be cured. The fee we ask is only for the time and effort we spend on the person. There is no guarantee he will be cured, that is in the hand of Allah, but our commitment is to do our best. It is like a doctor, you pay the consultation, for the time and effort he spends with you, but if you are not cured you cannot claim your money back because he did his job. Besides, our tariffs are a minimum for functioning and we never refuse to treat someone who wants to defer payment or has nothing.