When you have a patient, first ask for his problems and why he thinks it is sorcery, jinn or evil eye. If the problems can be logically explained, examine closely the question to see if there is an abnormal effect. When the person talks about somebody else’s problems, such as her husband who wants to take another wife or his daughter who left, explain that if that person has sorcery you can only treat them. If the person speaks about their house or shop, check that the problem is affecting all of the occupants: the problem can be related to the place and not to the person.

If someone asks you to do “a work” for them to obtain/achieve something, explain that it is not possible because it is sorcery. However, if their life is blocked with sorcery we can do something about that and after things should go back to normal their life. To obtain more “luck” in life, advise the patient to do more good deeds, as well as recite prayers for their needs(poverty, debts, sicknesses, etc).

If the person has explained their problems and there is really something strange and unusual about their situation, such as signs of sorcery, jinns or evil eyes, you must ask further questions. First ask what sort of work they do. Whether they are currently unemployed and how long have they had been looking for a job. If they work and study, ask them whether it is all going well. Do they have any issues in regards to relationships with others? Then enquire about their marital status. If they are not married and old enough to be ask for the reasons. If they are married check that everything is going well. If there is any sign of problem, ask if there is a problem with intimacy. If there is a problem, ask what precisely the difficulty is.

Enquire about their health, and in case of problem, what is the origin? And what is the medical diagnosis? Ask if the patient has digestive problems, pains in the ovaries, troubles in periods, headaches, backaches, heaviness of arms and legs, skin problems: spots, eczema. Also ask if the person sleeps well, do they wake up feeling tired? Do they have nightmares? Ask about their dreams. If they have good dreams it means that the person has a good spirituality and Allah is encouraging them to continue this way. If they have negative dreams then look closely as you can find things related to the person’s problems. Every problem mentioned must be noted. Once you have asked all the questions you can diagnose the patient. If there are symptoms of sorcery, try to find how it was done. If the patient has digestive problems, the sorcery has been eaten, but this does not exclude other sources. Give right away two 3 bottles of Sana for a 6-day treatment. If the digestive problems are more serious, give four 6 bottles of Sana. If the patient doesn’t have digestive problem but other health problems, give them 1 bottle of Sana and you will check if they will have stomach ache along with diarrhea. When the person has unusual pains, apply cupping glasses where the pains are located and add two (2) bottles of sidr (if you have only two bottles of Sana); the sidr will be taken after the bottles of Sana, that is total four bottles in eight days. When the patient has only pains in the body with no other symptoms at all, check if they are symptoms of jinns or spells. When there are jinns and the person has a lot of spells, do not try to be hard with them during Koran recitation and concentrate on healing sorcery. When there are spots or eczemas, loss of hair or other skin problems, give oil of Habba Sawda to massage after showers. You can also give habba sawda oil to massage parts hurting much or not functioning correctly. On massaging with the oil, the person should recite Koran to help cure himself, Surat Fatiha for example. When they are also a weakness or a pain in the legs, apply cupping glasses and read the Koran.

For all symbolic sorceries, explanation has been given on how to recognize them already.

From the very beginning, give treatment covering everything that you suspect. It is better to give more than less because same symptoms may relate to different problems, so if you treat one kind of sorcery without the other, it will not go away.

When the patient returns, be attentive to any changes that might have happened. The first question you try to answer is: “Is there any sorcery remaining?” Check if symptoms are still present. If some still remain, check carefully what they are. Ask the patient to perform the prayer of need as soon as he finishes his treatment to ask Allah to show the problems and how to solve them.

If you find any remaining sorcery, ask yourself: “Would it have been possible to cure it from the very beginning?” Then you will do better with the next patient. Treatments will get more diverse and efficient as you are trying permanently to reach the goal of curing all sorceries during the first treatment.

When the jinns are alone, it is the best time to attack. It is extremely rare to find a jinn attached to a person without sorcery; even if he is not there because of spells, there is often a spell which made the access easier. That just means people having sorcery are much more likely to attract jinns. So, try to locate the jinn in a precise part of the body and apply hijama cups, candles, and recite Koran. This should delocalize the jinn. Also, prepare twelve bottles of water and two bottles of sidr. Meanwhile, explain to the patient all things they should do in order to fight his jinn. Then recite for the patient when holding the temples and his head, massage the head from the forehead to the back of the neck until he feels his head free, then massage from the back of the neck to the hips, and from the hips to the feet and the toes. When the jinn wants to come out through the patient’s mouth (the patient will feel like they want to throw up), hit the chest and the collarbone of the patient to make them vomit. You can have other people reciting Koran and massaging the patient, it will also help. Recite with as much passion you can so the Koran will burn the jinn even more. When the jinn has left the body (or seemed to leave) get the patient to bath with twelve bottles of water and two bottles (2) of sidr. If the jinn come again, then there is surely a spell/sorcery and you will need to look for it.