Jinn’s weak points

We discovered that fire is a weak point for jinns. We know that they are created of smokeless fire, and we discovered that they melt when in contact with fire and cannot bear it. If you bring a candle to the patient’s feet (sole part) so that he can feel the heat without being burned, the jinn suffers a lot from the heat. It is possible to bring the candle to another part of the body if we suspect jinn’s location, but since we always try to make them leave through the feet you should bring the candle to the feet once you have finished with other body part/s. Actually, even sorcery is vulnerable to the heat, and lighted candles help pumping it out of the body. So, in order to have the best chance, we advise during all recitation that you put lighted candles near the patient’s feet. I hope that in following editions, we will be able to propose enhanced methods; Allah is Almighty and All Merciful.

Yes, there is evolution with fire. First of all, the candle or the piece of wood can be a carrier for the Koran like water (Koranic water) or paper with Koran written on it or simply a scent. You can recite on perfumed candles then leave them lighted in the house; this will complete the action of spraying the house. If for example, you have trouble in the house, you can recite ayat al Kursi 30 times on perfumed lighted candles/incense then leave them lighted for one hour everywhere in the house. If you have a chimney or use wood for cooking, recite on the wood before or while burning it. To burn a jinn bothering you, light the candles, recite the Koran with intention to burn him and read from time to time the verse: Aynama takoonoo ya’ti bikum Allahu jamian innAllaha ala kulli shay’in qadeer. The Cow 2/148, which means: “Wherever ye are, Allah will bring you together. For Allah Hath power over all things”.

I will include on this subject a testimony of one of my pupils:

“On my humble opinion, from what I learnt of my roqya experience, torturing the jinn by hitting the patient or any kind of violence is far less efficient than putting two lighten candles in front of each foot.

If you light 4 candles (2 in front of each foot of the patient), the patient will feel after a few minutes of Koran lecture an unbearable heat, as if embers were under his feet, and that shows the pain the jinn undergoes.

Before starting the treatment, ensure with the patient that he doesnt feel heat of the candles.

When the jinns are attacked by the heat they may scream and move patients’ feet away from the candles.

Some of my patients went to Africa to get cured and told me they got more physical problems resulting of roqya because the healers beat up the jinn.

From what I learnt and the experience Allah gave me, I want to ask the community of healers not to hit the patients, and they will certainly see by themselves how inefficient this method is by following up with the patients’.

Another weak point of the jinn is the salt. To help him come out, you can put some salt on the patient once they are covered with a sheet, or keep the salt in your hand and massage the patient with it. But the best is sea water. We found out that people leaving near the sea or regularly bathing in the sea do not have jinns, even when they have sorcery. Bathing with sea water is much better than normal water (zamzam water is also efficient). And if you can, enter in the sea with the patient and recite the Koran on him, totally emerging him for thirty second. It will be much easier to get the jinn out!

We can also kill jinns in dreams, the sorcerer and our enemies (who consult the sorcerer). We read 11 times the verse of the Throne before sleeping and “Aynama takoonoo ya’ti bikum Allahu jamian inna Allaha ala kulli shay’in qadeer”. The Cow 2/148, 11 times, or more to be more efficient: 30 or 50 or a hundred times. Be prepared to read Koran on anything you see in your dreams. As soon as you read the thing will flee. So you must catch it first then read Koran until you kill it. You can also kill it with a physical weapon; in all cases doing that in the dream cannot be a sin. So sleep with the anger and determination to kill your enemies, humans or jinns and ask Allah to help you. A girl saw her grandmother in her dream coming to stab her. The grandmother used to make sorcery to her. The girl in the dream grabbed the knife off her and stabbed her. In the morning, the grandmother started vomiting blood for three days then died.

You can catch the jinn as previously mentioned. If it is next to you, catch him with your hands and recite Koran. If he is far, fix your eyes on it with the intention of catching him and he won’t be able to escape, then recite. If he flees, you do not need to run after him; just recite: «aynama takoonoo…» and he will come in your hands insha’Allah.

Finally, if the jinn bears down on you and you feel its weight, or you are paralyzed, just stay calm, do not panic and do not struggle. First catch the jinn by tightening your wrists with the intention of holding him. Then mentally read Ayat Al-Kursy until your tongue is free. Then continue reciting keeping your wrists tight so he can’t flee until he is dead.