4 weapons to fight Seher

The 2 physical weapons are:

1. Lifestyle adjustments: Towards the obedience of Allah SWT and shunning of sins especially Shirk. Also, seeking the company of pious.

2. Eating Halaal and Tayyib (pure) food: As much as KFC or Chicken Licken may be tempting, nothing beats the delicious warm plate of food which is filled with the warmth and love of a wife for her husband or mother for her children and garnished with absolutely Halaal ingredients. This is a great preventative measure for Sihar (sorcery) intake to be minimized. Included in this, is eating regularly at take-aways or areas where the source of the food is either Haraam, doubtful or handled by people who are not conscience about Halaal or Haraam.

The 2 spiritual weapons are:

1. Recitation of Qur’aan in abundance: through different cases of Ruqya, we can say for certain that the benefits of Qur’aan are not merely for attaining reward in the Hereafter. They are truly effective in this world and against combatting Sihar or the drastic effects thereof. Shayateen or Evil Jinn get repelled very easily and “burn” when Qur’aan is recited on them with the intention of destroying them. Yes, you read right! Destroying them if they are worthy due to being agents of Shirk and Sihar. Recitation of Qur’aan constantly protects oneself and nurtures the heart with Allah Azzawajal’s love. It paves a way for an opening to the heart filled with light and protection.

2.Conviction and Sincerity: the good intentions and deeds of a person is exemplified with sincerity and the intention of a person is exemplified with conviction. We do good deeds with sincerity and we must be convinced that Allah Azzawajal will reward us for that.

The above 4 weapons are highly useful in combatting Sihar stimulated through Shirk. You do not need to be visiting the Raaqis for regular “check-ups.” Allah Azzawajal has provided the weapons for you to protect yourself. You should harness these weapons and thank Allah Azzawajal for them.

There may be times when people think it is necessary to seek treatment for Sihar (sorcery) through Shirk (Astaghfirullah Al Azeem) (ascribing partners with Allah Azzawajal) but we should know Islam has provided a solution through Ruqya to fight the seher and negating all the elements of shirk Alhamdulillah.

By: Muhammed Bin Allie Sheik