Serial Sorcery

If the patient is bewitched again, instead of perpetually curing him and waiting for the sorcerer to get tired, the patient should react. For that, he puts a barrier against sorcery with supplications proposed in next paragraph §D.2. He performs them as seriously as possible and does not forget the intention of returning sorcery to sender which is our only resort against sorcerers. If he sees in dreams the sorcerer or any evil willing to reach him, he immediately recites the verse of the Throne for protection (explanation in chapter II §2). One should also resort to the supplication of the oppressed ones.

According to the hadeeths, the most granted wish is the one of someone who experiences injustice. There is no specific formula, the patient just asks Allah to avenge him from the author of the injustice, to punish him the way he deserves it, and to stop him doing it again to him or anyone else. For those hesitating to pray against others or to point the author, say it otherwise: “Oh Allah, if You have planned to guide him, guide him now! If you planned to take him to Hell, then take him now!” It is essential when someone wants to harm you must take action, even on a minimal basis. We noticed that a person accepting to be influenced by others and not willing to act is more fragile when sorcery, jinns or evil eye strikes. Besides they are more fragile when it comes to anything in life. So strengthen yourself, do not accept to be a victim, act, wake up at night and ask Allah to avenge you, destroy allied evil and shelter yourself and your family from all the evil. In following this way some of our clients witnessed their sorcerers die within few weeks. Is it not the best thing? Besides, the more you react against those who harm you the more you discourage the other ones. Sorcerers do evil to many people; your prayers along with other people’s prayers will change things for the better insha’Allah.

Although I mentioned this for serial sorceries, it is valid for all cases: for those selling their soul to the devil and wanting to destroy you and your family, do not have any mercy in asking Allah to destroy them as soon as possible.

When there is serial sorcery in place, there is always a mother-sorcery. As soon as you understand it, instead of removing them one by one, strike the center and cure it as a normal sorcery. Look for symptoms in the body: sometimes different parts of the body will experience pain.