Why use Psychotherapy

What is the link between the psychotherapy and the roqya?
Why is the psychotherapy an important element of centers of roqya?

For several reasons:
– When we understand the psychotherapy and the functioning of human mind, it permits to make the difference between the psychological problems and the mystic problems which they are owed to the black magic, to the djinns etc. So it’s necessary to put things in perspective. For ex, if we speak about problems between couples, we must be able to understand the normal problems which exist in the couple to say later that “No, this problem is not normal, the problem is connected to black magic”.

Some patients are suffering from serious psychological problems -what does not exclude that they have problems of black magic. But sometimes the psychological problem is graver than the problem of djinn or and it also happens that the psychological problem prevents the patient to be cured of the black magic and the djinns: because he is psychologically too much touched it gives some strength to the djinns and to the witchcraft to dominate him. So it is necessary to treat him at the same time for the psychological problems and for the mystic problems.

– Those who practice roqya should also make to themselves the psychotherapy until they have no more aftereffect of what they lived. Why? Because the effects of the sufferings that we lived weaken the person; even if the person believes that she exceeded the problem, it is not true: it is always there and that always constitutes a handicap and that gives a base to the djinns to influence him. So when anyone gets totally rid of the effects of the sufferings he or she had lived, it makes him/her less vulnerable to the djinns and to the black magic. For somebody who practises the roqya it is an important asset and anyway it is advantageous in everyone’s lives.