Is suffering is removed?

-First the patient is going over negative mental states: a state of apathy, fear, sadness, anger, boredom. These are the 5 negative states and it goes in that order. This means that the worst of all is the fear and after apathy; after sadness and anger and after boredom. When the patient rehearses the painful thing, it will go through negative mental states until he feels nothing about it.

– Until the images of painful events disappear. It will look until there are no more images coming up and the information stops: when he will tell, he will remember something else and another thing until there is no more new information. At this time there is nothing to remember, the event is finished and that’s all.

There are some cases where it is necessary to have solutions:
-First when the person repeats the painful event and the pain persists. The images of the event disappear and there is no more new information but the pain is still there: This means that there is an event before this where there was the same pain. For example: if someone has been humiliated, this can happen several times so we have to go back to the previous history and previous history until we get to the first and it’s over .We will ask the person “is there an incident like this before? “And the mind of the person will look for other previous information.

– When the person is too sick to tell. We say “tell” he answers, “it hurts too much to tell” then he must repeat “it hurts too much, it hurts too much, it hurts too much …”.The fact to say that, it will release the pain until it he/she ready to tell. Or the patient may say “I don’t want to talk about this” we say “look at everything that happened and repeat: I don’t want to talk about it”; he will repeat this until he is ready to talk.

-When the person does not remember: in this case we’ll take the link that connects us to the event. For example, a patient is scared when the night comes, he does not know why and since when. So we’ll say “close your eyes look at the night and repeat, I’m afraid, I’m afraid, afraid, etc.” until he finds the event where he got really scared and how we will succeed in solving the problem insha Allah.

This is extremely amazing how we will find through psychotherapy events of early childhood. For example, a patient during the psychotherapy session saw herself as a baby. She saw her strap maternity and her mother trying to smother to stifle her with a pillow. This was recorded in her mind when she was a little baby. It took psychotherapy to bring out the memory.

There was also a patient who has been hypnotized, we did experiments on him, he could not remember. We do the psychotherapy until he said “we arrive at a door and I do not remember” we said, “repeat: I do not remember” he repeated until he starts to say “you won’t remember more, you’ll remember more, you’ll remember more, whatever happens, whatever you say, you’ll never remember what happened here etc. “And it was a hypnosis program that he had done that he could not remember. When we crossed the sails hypnosis he recalled, the door opened and we saw what happened inside.