Sorcery and Jinns

When the jinn is linked to sorcery, it is important to define the sorcery: eaten, written, put on the body or stepped on. It happens that the jinn knows nothing about sorcery and is not able to give information, but most of the time he knows. When he doesn’t know, you can guide him by saying: “Could you have a look in his stomach if there is any sorcery?” “Could you check if there are abnormal marks?” or “Is there something preventing you from going out?” “Where is it?”

Then ask the jinn, whether he is linked to sorcery or not, if the patient has other sorceries and if there are other jinns present. Ask how the other sorceries are made and why the other jinns are present. You can also ask about the role of each jinn. I repeat for the last time: all jinns’ answers must not be taken literally, you must always check, the most important is to come to the result: release the patient from sorcery.

You must not ask the jinn about the person who sent the spell, because most of the time it is useless, it is impossible to take revenge on sorcerers except by prayers, and if they know they have been discovered, they can start again. The best attitude is to show no change in your behavior, that is why it can be better not to know who it is. Even if you avoid them, you can always meet other people who will apply spells at you. The jinn can also mistake when denouncing the sorcerer. If you need to know who is the person in order to avoid him, accomplish the prayer of the need and ask Allah to show you how to protect yourself and who you must avoid. Anyway, the best punishment is to use the invocation of the oppressed which is the most accepted by Allah; sorcerers deserve no pity, no forgiveness, so ask Allah to punish them hard and to take revenge for you. Do not forget to take intention when reading Koran and taking treatment that the evil goes back on the sender.