The Islamic Proposal

If the jinn is already a Muslim you will skip this step. Do not be surprised to see Muslim jinns working for sorcerers or avenging themselves on people or lovers. They are simply like human Muslims subjected to ignorance and sins. When the jinn is a Muslim you must speak of prayer and good deeds. The religious practices of jinns are different from ours, but there are more similarities than differences. You can advise him to learn about Islamic practices with other Muslim jinns in mosques or directly in Mecca.

Non-Muslim jinns need to be preached in two steps. You must first have him acknowledge that Islam is the truth; the second step is to get him converted. You must not start by asking him to be Muslim; it would be like asking a stranger to be Muslim. You do not know his current belief neither his knowledge of Islam; it will be really difficult for him to accept your proposal to be Muslim. Moreover, such an introduction could compromise the rest of the discussion. Before asking him to be Muslim, make sure that he knows the truthfulness of Islam. Then you start a discussion, an exchange without rushing things.

For the first step, we will present different cases insha’Allah.

First, some jinns do not want to name their religion or discuss it. Encourage them to speak. For instance, when he doesn’t answer to “What is your religion?” you can ask: “Are you Muslim, Christian, Jewish, or an atheist?”, “You do not have any religion? » All these questions aim to get an answer. If he doesn’t give any answer, you can say: “Do you want to state your religion? » When he answers: “No”, you can say «Why?”, and try to start a discussion. Finally, you can try to guess the reason of his refusal and ask him a provocative question, such as: “You do not want to tell me your religion because you know that your religion is false!” “You know that you will become a Muslim if you discuss it with us!” Ask the jinn a question, which will provoke him, lead him to answer without thinking and lead him to express what he sincerely thinks. You must always try to do as followed: ask questions he does not expect and which will lead him to answer without thinking. If he says: “yes”, automatically say “if you know your religion is false, just quit it”, or “if you know that you will be convinced, become Muslim right away”. But it is better to change the sentence in: “if you know that your religion is false, is there any reason to remain in it?” or “if you know that you will be convinced, is there any reason for you to refuse to be Muslim?”

Through these questions, you already moved to the second step: have the jinn become Muslim, after he acknowledges Islam is the truth. When there is no way and the jinn refuses to speak about religion, move to the following step. When he declares himself atheist – do not be surprised, it is not because they see us and we do not see them that they will believe in God. Do not use scientific or rational arguments; ask him if he knows what Koran is. If he doesn’t know or knows but doesn’t acknowledge that it is Allah’s book, tell him: “In order to prove His existence, Allah sends prophets with miracles. The miracle of the last Prophet Mohammed, blessing and peace be upon him, is the Koran. It is a miracle for Human beings and jinns. Its linguistic and scientific content is for us a miracle. For you it is a miracle since it burns jinns when they are disbeliever or disobedient. I will read the Koran, so that you will check by yourself, right?” Then read the verses 33-35 Surat 55, the Merciful, with a slow and strong voice. They are in phonetics:

Ya macshhara l-jinni wal’insi in istatactum an tanfuzoo min aqtari s-samawati wa l-ardi f-anfuzoo. La tanfuzoona illa bi-sultan. Fabi’ayyi ala’i rabbikumma tukazziban. Yursalu calaykuma shuwazun min narin wa nuhasun fala tantasiran.

By asking the jinn to listen to Koran you make him more vulnerable to the recitation. When you see that the discussion is useless tell the jinn: “So, listen carefully”. He will reply “Yes?” then you attack him with the recitation using the maximum of power.

Ask the jinn if recitation burned him. Since your previous words did not harm him, have him recognise that the Koran is the words of Allah. In the same time, he has acknowledged the prophecy of Mohammed, blessing and peace be upon him, since he is the one to whom Allah revealed the Koran. It once happened that a jinn recognized that the Koran is the book of Allah, but declared not to know Mohammed. We just showed him the verse: “Mohammed is the messenger of Allah” (The Victory, 48/29) and he accepted.

The real difference between daawat of jinns and daawa of human beings is that jinns do not have a complicated mind. If you manage to confront them to the truth, they surrender. An incontestable argument is enough to convert them by Allah’s will.

I will give you the case of Christian jinn. He declared he was Christian and I said: “Do you believe in Jesus?” “Yes”. “What does Jesus mean for you?” (You must also be interested in his faith and clarify it before proposing your own faith) “He is a messenger of God” he said. I do not remember if he said or I said that Jesus is also the elect and a savior. He was really happy when talking of Jesus, peace be upon him. I continued by saying: “Do you believe in Moses?”, “Yes”. “How about Abraham?” And Noah?” “Yes”. (The aim of these questions was to broaden his faith and have him understand that believing in Jesus doesn’t exclude the faith in others prophets) “Do you believe in Mohammed?” “Ye…” He stopped in the middle of the word since he understood that he was caught. You see that I did not give him the possibility to say that Mohammed, blessing and peace be upon him, is not a Prophet. It is better to present the fact that Mohammed is a Prophet as if there was no disagreement about it. It often works with Christian or Jewish jinns. I will explain you the following part of the story even if it is the second step of the preaching. I told him: “Is there anything preventing you to be Muslim?” I strongly recommend asking this precise question. It doesn’t raise a defensive reaction like the injunction: “embrace Islam!” It will make him think deeply: he will try to find all the possible reasons not to be Muslim. He might not find any reason and will convince himself that nothing stops him becoming Muslim or he might find a reason and will let you know: it’s now your responsibility to give appropriate answer.

The jinn of the story said: “Because I fear to lose my faith in Jesus”. Can you see the sincerity of his answer? He searched in his deep inside and by observation – not reasoning – he found that what prevented him to be Muslim is his fear to lose Jesus. Then I explained with euphoria, that we believe in Jesus, Mary, John the Baptist (Yahya the cousin of Jesus who announced his coming), Zechariah, peace be upon all of them, and I read the verses mentioning with them. By Allah’s grace, his apprehension of Islam rapidly disappeared. He said: “I will consult my family”. We could have refused and forced him to take his decision alone because we did not know what result the discussion with his family will bring, but we preferred to be understanding and let things come by themselves. Everything was perfect: at the end of the family consultation, he accepted to be Muslim. I made him repeat the profession of faith by adding: “I attest that Jesus is messenger of Allah”, he really liked it and proposed himself to leave the person’s body.

I will explain another case with Jewish jinn. He proclaimed himself Jew. “Why are you Jew?” I asked him. “Yes, because I am from the chosen nation”. “And why are you from the chosen nation?” “Because I am Jew”. “You are Jew because you are from the chosen nation or you are from the chosen nation because you are Jew?” He stayed quiet. “Do you know why Israelis were the chosen nation?”, “No”. “They were the chosen nation because they believed in God and followed his prophet Moses, when all other people worshipped statues. It was even the first human nation to accept Allah’s religion. For that reason they were the chosen nation. Even when they committed terrible sins or insults towards God, they were always by far better than the other people. So, anybody wanting to be chosen by God must believe in Him, believe in all God’s messengers and follow the last, I mean Mohammed, blessing and peace be upon him. Therefore if you want to be chosen by God and go to paradise, you must believe in Mohammed”. This argument works almost every time with Jewish jinns. He said: “Okay”. I said: “So embrace Islam”. He said: “Not yet”. “Why?” “I will do it later”. “If you die right now you will be for eternity in Hell! You must embrace Islam immediately because you know it is the truth!” He was astonished and I made him repeat the profession of faith.

However, if you do not succeed in convincing the jinn that Islam is the truth, move on to the next step and make research to strengthen the weak points of your argumentation. Improve your preaching every time and do not stop because of failure.

Let’s go to the second part: have the jinn to accept Islam after he recognized that Islam is the truth. There are many reasons for a jinn to refuse or hesitate to convert himself when he is convinced of the truth of Islam and we will insha’Allah investigate the most frequent cases. Since we know there might be reasons preventing him from conversion, it is better to ask him: “Is there anything preventing you to be Muslim?” or “Would you like to be Muslim?” rather than ordering him to become Muslim. When you discuss and negotiate with a jinn, you must be delicate, “brush in the direction of the hair growth ”, avoid provoking his arrogance and anger, since anyway if the soft method does not succeed you can always use the hard one. Solving a case softly is easier for the patient, the healer and the jinn, plus he can be Muslim and useful to Islam.

The first reason that can prevent a jinn to convert to Islam is that he knows he will have to leave the person’s body. This happens in other cases than sorcery: love, revenge or housing. In these cases you must not try to convince him to leave, but deal with faith and actions separately: he can accept the faith even if he is not ready to practice right now and continues to commit sins. Faith is the most important, and we do not know when we will die. We preach him to love Allah and be grateful for what He has given; it means to take him as our God and accept His messengers. When the jinn persists in his attitude, you must say: “So are you ready to be Muslim and leave his/her body?” Try to have this agreement then move to the next step.

The second reason is that the jinn has objections concerning Islam. It is your responsibility to correctly defend Islam. Be careful! Be sincere and do not try to fool him; do not say things you are not quiet sure about. I will give you examples of questions I had to deal with.

A jinn of 3500 years had attended the war between Ali and Muawiya, the battle of Siffeen. He told me: “I do not understand how they were all practicing Muslim, there where people really devout both sides, sahaba, and there was this terrible war with a huge number of killed people and so much blood”. This fratricide war was really bloody and traumatized the community, and divided Muslims in three groups which never reconciled since: Sunnites, Shiites and Khawaridj. I answered: “After each wave of massive conversion, there is necessarily a selection of branch of Islam to follow. In Mecca, there was no massive conversion; everybody converted by his own conviction. In Medina the conversion was massive; later on, hypocrites came out of the ranks of sincere Muslims. At the end of the prophet’s life, blessing and peace be upon him, Arabs converted massively to Islam; they also massively quit Islam at his death, then the wars of apostasy had occurred to bring them back, but a lot of them died unbelievers while fighting Muslims. After that the conquest of Persia and Byzantine occurred, and entire populations were converted. The selection of branches to follow was made at the battle of Siffeen. These difficult times compel everyone to make his proper choice and choose his side”. He was satisfied with the answer and saw no obstacles to convert to Islam.

A jinn said once: “I find unfair that we jinns are sent in humans’ bodies, whether it is by force with sorcery or instinct in case of revenge or love affairs, we are not informed in advance on what is suitable or not to do. Then you come with your roqya, you burn us and sometimes kill us!” It was the most difficult question a jinn ever asked me. It is true that most of the raqis will attack directly the jinn without any explanation. It is clearly a mistake. But the healer also doesn’t have time and mentality to explain with kindness to all jinns they face why they must be Muslim and stop harming the patient. Moreover, it happens that the jinn refuses or takes a long time to accept, and the effort to help him was in vain. I explained that to him and said that if jinns and humans worshipped Allah better, problems would be much less, and for that we are all responsible. You must take it as a test of Allah. Moreover, it allows the jinn to have a direct experience with the Koran and a chance to know Islam. He was not totally convinced and I told him: “I do not claim to know everything neither to be able to answer all questions. You have to make the prayer of need and ask Allah to make you understand. Anyway, it was beneficial for you since you are coming to Islam”. Then he accepted to convert.

A jinn who was working for evil forces said: “Anyway, I belong to the evil; I cannot go back to the good side”, “How do you know? Are you a devil (Satan)?”, “No”. “Are you an Ifreet (half-breed of devil and jinn)? » “No”. “So you are a jinn like all the others; you can be good or bad. You can go to Hell or Paradise. You do not know if you will choose the good path or not”. This argument stopped him a while, since it has destroyed one of his axioms. But his arrogance came back and he said: “What I am interested in is power and domination!” I said: “Come to Islam. You will have Allah’s power with you and you will be invincible!” “But it takes too long. You have to learn piety, modesty, all this. The others give me immediately the strength I need”. This jinn knew very well Islam, for he stayed a long time in the person, and the person was very active in Islam. “Yes but the strength you will receive is relative. It stops at your death, or when you will face a believer with a faith stronger than your evilness. Are you Iblis?” “Not at all!” “Are you Dajjal?” “No”. “So the maximum you could reach is to be a pawn of Dajjal or Iblis”. “The maximum I could reach?” he was totally deceived. “Yes. The maximum you could reach is to be a pawn of Dajjal or Iblis”. This discussion lasted two hours; I just give you the key points. Running out of arguments, he told me: “What about you? You also have arrogance! You also you like power! People saying everywhere: Abderraoof! Abderraoof! You are the reference, the celebrity!” I must say he surprised me. I said: “But I also have my faults. I am trying to correct myself. If you show me what I do wrong, I will be pleased”. This answer was really the end and he collapsed and embraced Islam. When a jinn attacks you personally in daawa, you must not seek excuses or justification and most of all not lie and hide your weakness; you must show repentance immediately and take the preaching again.

The third reason is that the jinn is not interested in religion or in God. So remind him the kindness of Allah and the devotion we must show and also the benefits of religion in this world and the other. If he persists to not be interested, skip this step.