Sorcery with Symbols

Sorcery very often uses symbols. An ill-wisher or a sorcerer acquires something from the victim: hair, photograph, handwritten note, part of clothing, a handkerchief or a towel, or even dust from the footsteps. Then the sorcerer will recite their satanic formulas on the object while performing various acts like tying knots, locking a padlock, stinging a doll, mixing solutions, etc. Then the sorcerer will often try to put it in an unreachable or repellent place or a place representing something negative, like a cemetery, a well, a river or the sea, a sewer etc.

In this case, when the patient bathes with water, the effect on him is removed but the sorcery stays where it has been done and sends its effect again back on him. It is therefore necessary to be destroyed where it is. If you can find it, burn it or put it in the Quran water; but this is impossible most of the time. If we know the location, but it is unreachable (eg: grave, well, house foundation, etc) and we cannot remove the object, we just need to pour the Quran water over the place with the intention of destroying the sorcery, without needing to have the water physically reach the sorcery.

In all other cases when you are able to physically find the sorcery, the healing will be in two steps. The first one is to discover what has been done. Simply understanding what has been done weakens the sorcery and the victim will no longer suffer without understanding what is happening to them. To know what has been done, I suggest you the following list of the most frequently used symbols in sorcery with the clues on how to detect them.

● Padlock: dreams where you are being chased and fought, blocked, handicapped or imprisoned; in real life you experience obstacles in everything you do, you go around in circles.

● String with knots: dreams containing snakes.

● The symbol was thrown into a river: dreams with large amounts of water.

● Tree: dreams where you are climbing up and falling down, falling in general, being somewhere high, or in an airplane.

● Hole, bridge or well: dreams about a hole, bridge or well, falling into a deep hole. In real life you would experience serious problems like permanently losing money.

● Cemetery: dreaming of dead people, graves or funerals. In real life you would experience apathy, depression, weakness and thinking about death.

● Shoes, soil/dust from the shoes: dreams about vehicles, journey, travel. You may have swellings on your feet or other foot illnesses.

● Clothes: dreams about children or babies. Person having negative aura created around them.

● Photo: you would experience changes in personality, ugliness, changes in complexion, medical problems related to skin or face parts.

● Hair: you will experience anxiety, re-occurring problems, have headaches, mental problems.

● Writings: dreams about people, study/concentration/memory problems.

● Charcoal: you will experience sadness, dark thought, and negative perception of things.

● Fire: dreams about fire, ashes or smoke. You may get accidental burns in real life.

● Trombone: you will feel tired, see promises not being honored, and find yourself in extremely complex situation.

● Canary: you will experience bad luck in everything you do.

● Cut cola: broken chance.

● Pierced cola or doll: stinging sensation, multiple pains in the body.

● Dirty blood: you may have blood related diseases, abnormal health problems.

● Menses blood: dreams about blood, sexual and pregnancy problems.

● Animal corpse: you may have resistant illnesses, as well as miserable or sickly complexion.

● Dog: dreams about dogs, experiencing worsening of the character in real life.

● Fish: dreams about fish or fishing.

● Bones: you may experience bones’ illness, feel pain or weakness in the bones.

● Excrements: dreams about excrements, dirty water or toilets.

● Donkey: you may show evident foolishness, will have difficulties understanding simple things, or become stubborn.

● Pants: you may have erotic dreams and have serious sexual problem.

● Pubic hair: as above.

● Ants, termites: you will feel pricking in your body like you have pins and needles inside. This also may mean that you have many jinns in your body.

● Pimento/chilli pepper: you can have burning sensation in your body like hot pimento; feeling nervous, anxious.

The following symptoms are treated without searching for a symbol that might have caused the problem:

Madness: having mental health issues, seeing mentally disabled people in dreams.

Sacrifice: seeing raw meat in dreams, suffering from the lack of personality; someone performed sorcery with sacrifice.

Statue: this would be done along with sacrifice sorcery; victim having dreams about masks.

Revivification: suffering from the lack of personality, no conscience. Any part of the victim’s body stops responding.

Skin: skin illnesses.

Mental weakness: difficulty to think or decide, loss of confidence.

These symptoms may also be related to sorcery: reasonless anger, repeated forgetfulness, loss of money and income, hearing noises, voices or buzzing, feeling presences in the house, feeling overly passionate about simple things, having eye illnesses, suffering from sterility and impotence, feeling cold often, having unexplained fears.

You should look for clues in recognising sorcery. Sorcery materializes in a victim’s life by getting into their heads. The victim will have a constant idea in their mind or constant feeling about it. For example, the person can sum up his situation with: “I keep on going in circles”; this means that sorcery is hanged, because hanged sorcery’s effect is to dominate a person with a vicious circle, transforming their direct route into a circle. No matter what they do they come back to starting point. Or one would say: “I am/I feel like a dead person”, this means sorcery is in a grave or cemetery. Or a person may think “I feel like I am wearing chains”, this means sorcery was made with chains. Therefore, when consulting a patient, you will often find the key sentence giving you clues to the sorcery.

The second step is removing the sorceries. To do this, you will take for every symbol a verse of Quran adapted to undo it.