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2 -Ehsan AnsariBr Ehsan is an accountant by profession working as a Financial Controller for one of the leading multi-national freight forwarding company in Canada. He has previously worked as a general manager at ISNA Canada and the Islamic Cooperative Housing Corporation.

Br. Ehsan got involved with Ruqya when several of his family members were afflicted with sihr (black magic) and jinn possession that had catastrophic impacts on their lives. Unfortunately many of the local imams and shaikhs were not much help, either because they did not want to get involved or because they were not trained well enough in the field of ruqya.

After searching for help and running around helpless for years, the family situation became unbearable and out of dire necessity Br. Ehsan decided to figure out himself how to perform authentic Ruqya according to the Qu’ran and Sunnah.

Alhamdulillah in October 2013 he attended an eight day training program held in Toronto Canada by the Ben Halima group. Since then Br. Ehsan has realized the growing need for such a service and has been helping people overcome Black Magic, Evil Eye & jinn possession related problems.

Alhamdulilah, he has successfully treated more than 6500 patients so far. He is the main contact person for Canada & USA. He has done more than 50 campaigns in Canada, US, UAE & Pakistan treating over 1000 international clients.

Br Ehsan is also involved in training brothers and sisters for Ruqya and is conducting regular courses where students attend from all over the US and Canada. So far he has trained more than 50 students Alhamdulillah. Most of them are working with him promoting Ruqya in North America.

His vision is to open lots of ruqya treatment centres all across North America, inshaAllah, where people get cured for all kinds of illnesses using methods involving ruqya, prophetic medicine, herbal medicine, psychiatric treatment.
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