Body Sorcery

A slight bleeding with a suction glass pot – hijama – is necessary to remove sorcery. Reciting the Koran burns sorcery, but some of it still may remain in the body. At the same time with other treatments we must apply hijama so the remaining sorcery will be removed with the grace of Allah.

Hijama method
Prepare a new razor blade, hijama cups or small glass containers (i.e. baby food jars), cotton balls, alcohol to disinfect, a piece of paper and a lighter.

Expose required part of the body. Obviously, men should be treated by men and women by women where possible. When it is impossible same exceptions and precautions apply as in modern medicine.

The location is first shaved, if necessary, to ensure a tight seal with the cup. Disinfect the concerned surface with cotton and alcohol. The mouth of a cup is placed on the skin at the site chosen for cupping. Then a tight seal is created. The traditional method was to burn a small piece of paper or cotton inside the vessel, so that the mouth of the cup clings to the skin. Some practitioners now use a machine instead, although others strictly adhere to the Prophetic method with the use of fire, both for sterility and the benefits or properties from the element of fire itself. The cup is left to cling to the skin for a few minutes, then it is lifted off and a couple of very small incisions are made in the skin. The cup is then put back as it was before until the flow of blood subsides.

The patient experiences sucking sensation as well as heat. The suction pot should hold on its own, even if you try to pull it a bit. We cover the patient and recite the series of verses holding his temples or putting the hand or finger around the suction pot. Once the recitation completed we remove the suction pot by pressing index finger on one side and letting air in. Then we remove the pot and clean the area with cotton ball dipped in alcohol.

Depending on a person, the part of the body and the depth of the cuts, there will be blood on the skin or at the bottom of the pot. The purpose of hijama is not bloodletting, like in the ancient medicine system, but as means to remove sorcery if performed correctly. If there is no blood when removing the suction pot, the process has not been done properly.

When bathing with the bottle of Koranic water, the patient will pour some on their head and on the spots where the suction pot was placed and massage them.

Those who never did or saw suction cups should not be scared to start because even if they make mistakes, there is no risk as long as the cut is applied to the surface of the skin without entering the flesh. You can practice on your arm or your leg to see the result. Practice makes perfect. Start without cutting, just light up the paper, stick it in the pot and quickly place the cup on your arm. Practice until you are fast enough as the aim is to get the right level of heat inside the pot. Do not apply hijama to hemophilic patients (disorder that affects body’s ability to control blood clotting). There is no problem for patients with diabetes.

Use smaller suction pots like mini sauces pots (tartars, aioli, etc.) for smaller surfaces. Most common places are:

– Ovaries for women to treat excessive pain during their period or abnormal pain outside of periods.
This sorcery on ovaries can have various effects: prevent or discourage marital relations with spouse, obstruct pregnancy or interrupt it; or delay marriage. When patient experiences pain at the bottom of the back, you also need to place suction pot on kidneys, behind ovaries;

– Above male sex organs for patients with difficulties in spousal life, as well as between the kidneys;

– The head for strong headaches. After shaving the head place two small suction cups at the back of the head between the ears. Another spot is vertebrae at the base of the neck (back side). We avoid forehead and temples because these spots are sensitive and leave red marks for one week, except for people with dark skin;

– On the heart for heart aches or palpitation; for women, put the suction pot above, below or on the right of the left breast depending on the place where she feels pain or palpitation;

– On areas with eczemas or psoriasis, mainly on the legs;

– Any other places where the patient has an abnormal pain.

When the person feels pain on a specific part of the body, this can be due to sorcery put in the body or to a jinn living there; in both cases, a suction pot is efficient. The jinns circulate in the blood and are weakened by the suction pot; imagine a vacuum cleaner which eats ghosts. You should know that the suction pot is a medical procedure helping with many problems, so even if you make a mistake the suction pot will do it only good. In addition to cupping, the patient needs to take 12 water bottles to drink and bath over 12 days. We also give them sidr infusion (Jujube) without Sana makki (Senna). The sidr alone cleans the blood and the organs from sorcery and attacks the jinn in the blood. It is advisable in any blood and organ illness, and any case of jinn. Depending on level of the problem, we prescribe from one to three bottles of Sidr. It is prepared and drank exactly like the Senna: a tablespoon of sidr per bottle (1.5 litrte) of water.

Some think that cupping breaks the fast. You will find in “Fiqh As-Sunna” authentic hadeeths explaining the opposite. I might as well say a word on Ramadan. Some think that jinns attach themselves to their victims with sorcery and do not understand why some possessed persons continue to be possessed during Ramadan. Ramadan is the time when devils are locked away and therefore possessed persons should not be possessed anymore. Actually devils are the ones that attach jinns to their victims and common jinns are as free as humans. Devils are never the ones possessing men but jinns, because the other devils’ role is to whisper to humans effecting their thoughts. Some believe that we cannot cure during Ramadan. One thing is sure; those working with devils are technically out of work during Ramadan. Those curing with Koran have no problem. There is a divine mercy and blessing environment making treatment easier during Ramadan. But curing people is more tiring during Ramadan and organisation is more complicated because of meal time, preparation and night prayers. For these reasons, some colleagues prefer leaving Ramadan only for worshiping Allah. Otherwise, we are forced to reduce the activity.

If you cure a person of opposite sex, be careful. First, I advise women not to cure men, except their relatives. A woman can be a healer, but I advise her to limit herself with women and children, and not to hesitate to be cured if she needs it (the same applies to men). If a man cures a woman, respect Islamic rules: there should be a third person. To touch or unveil a part of the body should not go beyond the strict necessity. Push back the least bad thought as soon as it appears. If you cure a woman and other women are around, try to teach them hijama method so they can do it for other sisters. At least, teach them to remove the cups. The best thing is to work as a couple if possible. Sometimes it will be unavoidable to cure a woman, so be very careful. Of course, the roqya can make you meet the woman of your life, but Satan will try to make you think every nice woman you will meet can be her. Moreover, I recommend female patients to be aware of all of this and as soon as they notice this kind of abnormality with their healer, to react and do not let things go on. Silence allows evil to perpetuate and other women will go through the same thing again. Stop consulting with this healer and if it is very serious alert others. For charlatans and sorcerers, it is common to have sexual relationships with their patients; may Allah preserve us from these evils. Be aware of women who have done it before coming to you: they may be ready to redo it, and people may have told them it is part of the treatment. For a religious Muslim healer, you should know that Satan would like to corrupt you and that such things do happen: one asks to see a young girl alone when he is actually a confirmed polygamist looking for another wife rather than curing someone; another looks for female patients so he can ask their hand in marriage (because he has no residence papers); another assures the patient that she will not recover as long as she is single and proposes a husband candidate for her; or one intimately touches patient “to challenge the jinn”. As soon as you see these kinds of things, express loudly and strongly your disagreement and leave.