Ruqya and Medicine

Sorcery and jinns cause many health problems. These diseases are mystical and do not follow natural rules known by medicine. They can be pain from unknown origin, known diseases but with abnormal start, unexplainable diseases which have only been obversed, named and classified. Medical treatment is not efficient for mystical diseases but can somehow ease the symptoms.

Eaten sorcery consists in drops put in food and drink, then get reconstituted like glue and stocks on the stomach or the intestine. This can be anywhere from the oesophagus until the anus. The body detects a foreign body and tries to eliminate it. This causes heartburns which can become ulcere, eventually with bloating, constipations diarrheas.

Pimples, eczema or scars appear on the body most of the time on the legs, sometimes with itching, purulence, bleedings, then grow or move. There is no efficient treatment or valid explanation. This disease is only due to a physical contact with sorcery, most of the time the person walked on it. When on the head it can cause loss of hair. In the mouth it can create wounds.

This is a phenomenon challenging all medical knowledge: wounds spontaneously appearing, sometimes after a small choc or an animal bite. These wounds get deeper and spread sometimes until the bone and last years, resisting all therapies. A disease only due to sorcery and jinns.

After a small graze, the person develops a big scar which does not go. With years his body becomes full of scar. It is said that it is peculiar to african people, it’s rare, with various forms, all that we see is that cells reproduce while healing.

Many diseases unknown in the Western world and several patients we received and who had sorcery got healed. For sickle cell disease, we know that we had patient whose symptoms disappeared but we did not retake the blood test to check the changes.

Medically, this can be explained by diabetes, strong antidepressant, medicin for serious diseases like cancer, or otherwise by psychological factors: but there must be a serious deception, frustration, anger, disgut or traumatism for a man not to be able to have intimate relation with his wife or a woman. Especially if he loses his erection when going to a woman, or he can have relation with one woman and not another, it becomes clear that the problem is not medical.

We had many women who became pregnant after our treatment; we have a high rate of success in this field. Most of them went through medicine: for some of them everything is normal; for other there were fibromas, blocked fallopian tubes or tired ovaries; others did IVF. I did not see medical explanation for a woman’s sterility whose cycle normally works. Note that this sorcery often comes with painful menses, and sometimes pain in ovaries even outside the menses. We also have case of man sterility, but is more rare because in the logic of sorcery the woman is the main target. But some men with no or few or not mobile enough spermatozoid, this fact has no explanation nor solution. Sometimes there is an embryo but it does not survive.

Unfortunatly it is possible to cause almost any health problem with sorcery. Even if the disease is known, but its start is unsual, and these diseases have no treatment, beside stopping its spreading, limitate its effects or replace the deficient organ. When we remove the sorcery, the disease may disapear itself (kidney failure) or continue because it is a natural process started (cancer).

How can a healthy person suddenly become mad ? Unless the person had a serious emotional choc, this is totally uncomprehensible. The same for behaviour disorders : fear, depression, anger and agressivity, loss of concentration, are not comprehensible, unless the person had traumatizing painful experiences. During a conference with a psychiatre it appeared that his patients have exactly the same symptoms with ours: we treat the same persons except that they don’t have explanation about the origin, functioning and evolution of the disease, they don’t expect recovery but just stabilization. By God’s grace we have many healed people, but madness treatment are often long: you must persevere until the patient gets his senses back.

High fever during pregnancy can « burn » the fœtus brain and cause disablity to the child, 21 Down’s syndrom makes mentally and physical disabled children. Beside this aspect, new babies born with disability, or disability appearing just after birth or during the child first years are difficult to be explained by medicine (except contamination with toxic products). It happens the child is « spoiled » with sorcery done to the pregnant woman; it happens that during the conception the jinn’s sperm mix with man’s, it happens that children are sacrificed to jinns and lose their strength and mental capacities. In these cases our treatment makes some improvement – which are always precious for a disabled child – bu we only expect a complete recovery if the child was healthy before and got sick. For children born with their disability, it is irreversible but we treat the mother in order for the next children to be healthy.

Sorcery and jinns can cause persistant pains all over the body. These pains can prevent the person from studying or working with no obvious physiological cause. Sometimes it can be heaviness in a limb and a weakness, and sometimes, partial, half paralysis of the body or the face. Headaches can be du to lack of drink : make sure the person drinks enough. Pain in the bottom of the back come from exhausting physical activity ; if it’s the case, advise the person to do abds and gymnastic because its strengthen the back and improve resistance to efforts. Others criterias of sorcery and jinns. Sorcery essential purpose is to block people’s life: work, money, marriage, having children, studies, etc. and health problems are collateral consequences, but it happens that the health is the target. Besides that, sorcery causes specific dreams allowing certainty in diagnostic:

Pursuit = blockage
Dog, soldiers = jinns
Bull, being aggressed = magicians
Snake = jinn, magician or sorcery made with knots
Water = sorcery in water
Going up, Going done, seeing yourself up, falling= sorcery put up
Death, graves, funerals= sorcery in a cemetery
Cars, vehicles, trip= sorcery with footsteps
Fire or braise= sorcery in fire source or with fire
Fish = sorcery in a hook until eaten by a fish
Children, babies (for women) = sorcery with underwear
Blood (for women) = sorcery with menses blood
Frequent or unusual sexual relation=jinn sent to block marriage, marital life or giving birth.