When jinn is linked via sorcery or creates obstacles for you via sorcery, you must start by removing the sorcery first. So far, the diagnosis can only be established by the symptoms mentioned in the first chapter. Other diagnostic methods are possible. Information from jinns will be discussed in the next chapter insha’Allah. There are also dreams carrying signs of sorcery. At last, we should not neglect the prayer of need, because we should never give up when Allah stands by us. If you do not know how to come over it, you repeat the prayer of need till Allah gives a solution.

Anyway, it is a mistake to attack the jinn before removing the sorcery: the jinn cannot go, he suffers but does not die, he struggles and moves aimlessly around, the patient suffers, the jinn expands in the body as he struggles: he can physically move the patient’s body or speak through his mouth. There is a risk that after the treatment, he does not stop speaking and keep on moving the patient’s body; or else he will start speaking at any moment, therefore the person is possessed. You should not take this risk. If the sorcery is symbolic or eaten, you need to give the patient Koranic water for bathing and herbal infusion. When the person has sorcery on his body, it is necessary to recite Koran on him as well as use hijama pots. If jinn is present do not insist on removing them yet and have the intention to remove sorcery and to burn the jinns just a little so they decide to leave as soon as possible. This is the most common mistake made by non professionals: attacking the jinn without removing the sorcery: this is tiring task for the healer, the patient and the jinn with poor results and the risk of the jinn getting further expanded in the body of the person by struggling. So when you receive someone who already went through it, and if you are able to diagnose the sorcery, just treat this patient for sorcery and do not touch the jinn. Tell the jinn that you do not want to harm him, that you just want to remove the sorcery so he can leave, and if there are other sorceries beside this one, the jinn should show it to the patient. If you happen to recite on a person to remove the sorcery while he has a jinn, take the intention of only burning the sorcery and free the way for the jinn to leave.