How is it performed

The foundation of the method it is to tell the things which we lived, the painful things to find relief. It is known for a long time that when we tell problems we feel relieved, but here it is done in a more technical way:

It is made for two, we sit down in front of the person and we say to the person
“Do you see something which made you suffer in your life?
– Yes
– Close your eyes and tell me this event as if you are witnessing it now; imagining the scene as if you are inside. Tell me what happened, I will listen to you and help you to tell, possibly I can ask you questions but what is important here is to repeat the painful thing. Where you arrive at the part which hurts, you have to repeat it.”

For ex one of the worse sufferings we met in psychotherapy is the story of a woman who watched her mother die in front of her. Her mother had a tube through which she breathed and she remade the dressing. At one point, she removed the dressing and the vein is torn and all the blood was going out and she died like that in front of her. She could not do anything, it was like she had murdered her mother. You can imagine how traumatic it is. So we told her to tell and she said, “I remove the dressing and all the blood is out” we say “repeat all the blood came out” she said, “all the blood came out, all the blood came out, all the blood came out … “and then she started crying, we left her crying until she finished and we say” say it again: all the blood came out “she repeated again until she felt nothing and it was done. In all it was a matter of 15 minutes, el hamdulilah. Something that has traumatized for years as it went in 15 minutes.

This technique is easy and very effective. There are lots of cases:
– Simple cases: we know where the problem is and the consequences of the problem, so the person repeats the problem until it is finished. If we finish talking about an event, let’s say to the patient “do you remember anything that hurt you in your life?”. And he will remember something else, so we do the technique until it is finished. The sessions are during two hours maximum because otherwise it will tire the brain. To do this you must be in good shape, having eaten well, slept well for the brain to be empty. When an event is complex, takes part by part. For example: a person is affected by the illness of his father, when he was in the hospital, when he was called, he was told he died etc… So whenever there is suffering, every step we will remove the pain of the event.